Frequently Asked Questions


What is DRILLS Practice?

DRILLS Practice is a brand new football-inspired workout program started in DC. DRILLS Practice is similar to a high school or college football practice, where professional DRILLS Coaches will run you through strength and conditioning and technical skill building drills. You can get in shape AND learn some football skills - no matter your fitness level! 

What makes DRILLS Practice different from a flag football league?

At DRILLS Practice, we hire experienced coaches and trainers to run you through strength and conditioning training to improve your agility, speed, power and athleticism. Then you’ll run through specific offensive and defensive drills with coaches helping you improve form and skills like you would at an actual football practice to make you a better player. And don’t worry – at the end you’ll get to play in a flag football scrimmage. Check out the Practices page to learn more about the DRILLS Practices.
So, yea. It’s different. If you do play flag football, DRILLS Practice is meant to compliment your season and help you perform better during the game.

If you want DRILLS Practice to run sessions for your league, contact us directly at 

Is DRILLS Practice for all skill and athletic levels?

Yes. Most of the drills are individual, but for the one-on-ones you will be matched with someone at a similar size and level. Participants range from those who never played football before, to college athletes, and everyone in between. 

What about injuries? Will there be modifications?

Coaches will offer custom modifications to account for any injuries to make sure you get the best workout while also staying safe. For any previous injuries, talk to your doctor before signing up to make sure you don’t make things worse.

What’s the “combine” assessment?

It’s based off of the NFL Combine. If you sign up for a 4 week package, (or for the Spring program in VA) coaches will time your 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone drill, and your measure your long jump and other tests so you can track your performance progress.  

Do we need pads or helmets?

Nope. DRILLS Practices are non-contact and non-tackle. DRILLS Practices use flags.  We recommend bringing a mouth guard. 

Do we need cleats or gloves?

It is highly recommended that you wear cleats or turf shoes so you don’t slip.
Gloves are not required.

Are Practices ever canceled because of weather?

They might be. DC Parks and Rec may cancel the field due to rain and/or lighting. If that happens, we will email and text you as soon as we know. We will try to reschedule the practice, but if its not possible, you will get a refund for that practice.

Do you offer private coaching sessions?

Yes. We offer private, 75 minute sessions with one of our coaches. The coach will assess your level and skillset and tailor workouts and trainings for your needs and goals. The coach will meet you in a location convenient for both of you. One 75 minute sessions is $100. You can buy a pack of 5 sessions for $90 each, and 10 sessions for $80 each. Please contact us directly to set that up at 

How do I sign up?

Go to the sign-up page to find the schedule of upcoming practices and pricing.  

We'll see you there.