DRILLS Coaches design each practice around the specific skills you need to improve performance while also pushing your body to its limits.

DRILLS Practices are 75 minutes and broken into two sections:

1. Speed, Agility and Conditioning
2. Technical Skills

1. Speed, Agility and Conditioning:

DRILLS Practices include dynamic high intensity interval and speed and agility work, with strength and core conditioning.

A typical DRILLS workout may include:

- Sprints
- 3 Cone Drill
- Agility ladder work
- Resistance bands
-Core and Upper Body Strength (Planks and Pushups)

2. Technical Skill Building

The skill building section of a DRILLS Practice focuses on improving specific aspects of the game to make you a better athlete and player. DRILLS Coaches will be split into:
- Defensive drills: coverage, footwork
- Offensive drills: running routes, passing
- One-on-ones: match up with another player at your same size and level

All participants will run through both defensive and offensive drills.

DRILLS Practices are non-tackle and non-contact


*COMBINE ASSESSMENT*: We can test and measure your 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, 3-cone drill, and long jump so you can track your performance progress. Email us to schedule: